Saturday, June 2, 2012

dixie highway yardsale, other junk huntins' and lets talk about these gosh darn dresses for a minute.

This morning was the Dixie Highway yardsale, I believe its somewhere around 90 miles long and ALOT of people participate. I ,sadly, was on a 8$ budget! Imagine miles and miles and miles of tables full and racks full of junk, drooling over EVERYTHING and stretching 8 dollars to the MAX. It was all good tho still nice to walk and check stuff out :) PLUS the 300 mile yardsale is in August i'll be prepared this time!

I picked up these 2 pins up, the chopper for Kalieb the flag that says "the south will rise again" for me.
Kalieb stole both for his vest. I plan on stealing them back.

I see ninja turtle wear in the near future, blue polka dot + new (yes new) vintage star wars fabric (that I have secretly stashed in the hellcat mama lady cave. Adorable vintage 30s-40s table cloth that I am still undecided on what to do with yet but for 25c, could I say no? 

Ya'll I'm really excited about these Harley Davidsons bandannas!!
A part of me thinks there to cool to cut up and then the other half thinks there to cool to not USE.
I'm brain storming about Gypsi Roses 2nd birthday dress with one of these ;)

My brand spankin' new 50cent (well new to me very pre-loved) camera bag!
Its a hard case and my camera and wallet both fit so cozy in there.

These will soon be made into rings

Picked up these ADORABLE curtains! a set for my living room and one for my kitchen! 
Also that flamingo picture <3

My favorite find today <3

And the Flamingos are totally 3D!

Kalieb kept Gypsi for me this morning while I went junk huntin' I came back home scoop her up went grocery shopping and picked up our favorite treat <3
2.50$ at Kroger... the BEST cookie you will ever have.
American Cookie aint got nuttin' on these

I re potted my succulence to pots more suited for their different growing sizes

I woke up this morning to this note <3 Started my day out good <3 
He can be such a sweetheart when he wants to be.... or wants something. hehe.

What have I been up to?

Oh ya know, thriftin' lots of cute things

Filling my birdie shelves up

capturing pitty lovey dovey moments

Givin' tons of sugar to my sweet Gypsi Rose

Waking up to more sweet notes <3

Being entertained by my two favorite people

 Finding more thrifty things

Letting the lil one wallow in mud

Plenty of lazy cartoon watching mornings

Runnin' Errands for the shop

I had another doctors appointment for my neck, I have an infection set up inside my neck where the surgery was in febuary so I have to take some meds that mess up my tummy, then hopefully that will solve this new "lump" problem that appeared. The same day as my appointment was Candis back surgery so while waiting for her surgery to be done I worked on my crocheting... Kalieb got interested in it and decided to try!

Made a pattern for a cat stuffed animal.... or should I say a Hellcat? hehe

So lets have us a little chat about these dresses I've been working on and pulling my hair out over. I made all these patterns myself  because I can't find any pre-made pattern styles I like. I want something loose, Something you can adjust to your size, Sorta lika  tunic but also high waisted, Something comfy but also complimenting... Pretty much I am attempting to make an all-in one, one size dress. Sound complicated? It is. I would love input on these.... my rut is sizing. I'm not sure how to label the sizing on these or how to determine how big of a bust size can be worn with these?
*pulling my hair out at the moment* I just wanna make everyone happy! (LOL)
The sugar skull dress pictured below I have measured out to be able to fit up to a size 10 ( I am a size 3) So what do you think?

I took a break from adult dresses to making a dress for my lil bit out of vintage hankies.. which got me thinking about making baby to toddler dresses as well
(oh dear god I fill my plate up way to much)

Fabric choices I've been contemplating for a size 12 month dress.

And heres another one of those gosh darn dresses... this one is not a one size this is a size small/medium it needs a zip in the back and it'll be about a medium <--- see hard time with sizing!

I also have added rings back to the shop to anyone who was wondering where those ran off to...
They ran back and can be found HERE

So i'm gonna go work on some skirts and contemplate more on these gosh darn dresses.
(I may or may not of just officially named these dresses "the gosh darn dress")

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